FFX save lost
I recently built a new PC and formatted my HDD since I bought a SSD. I completely forgot to back up my FFX save and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me find a save I can use? I just finished the blitzball game at Luca and found Auron. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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You might as well just start from scratch. The only save I could give you is one where I've pretty much finished the game and just need to finish stat maxing and the Dark Aeons.
yeah thats only a few hours in for a practised ffxer

hopefully someone will be able to help you - i may play through to that point if i have some spare time up my sleeve

what version of FFX do you have
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(08-09-2012, 06:39 AM)soratidus999 Wrote: what version of FFX do you have

It's good to know(to give him a save that can be loaded in his version)but that don't stop you from playing to there and then use FFXED to convert the save for his version.

loljim there is a save at gamefaq that says
Quote:Save 26. after Besaid vs Luca Blitzball Finals. Intro to Auron.
Do you want it?

The only problem is that all of the saves there are like max stats,have certain items and so on.

Which version of the game you have
Inside the disk/image you'll find a file with name that look like this
What is the full name
Thank you all for your responses. I've decided to just start all over. Shouldn't take me too long since I've had to start over in the past :|. Thanks!

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