FFX sceen crash

I have been playing FFX now for 17 hours or so, everything was fine, no crashed emulator worked fine, and i love it.
But now i came to this scene in rikkus home, where we meet Dona and other summoner, so there are two places i keep crashing, first is where she says hello (Donna) and other one after rikku says that Yuna will die, and there is camera over them and then crashes, ofc first there are some weird graphic glitches and then crashes...
i have tried some things, but they didn't help, some times i pass that place where Donna says hi and crash later at scene sometimes not..

Any suggestions?

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First try the latest public beta in the thread I listed above. Try with and without microVU enabled under CPU options (beta only has that option)
[Image: 2748844.png]
Ok Sorry, it looks i didn't had latest version, i thought i had, but i didn't.

I will try what you told me, if it won't work i will write ofc...

Great i download new FFX and for some reason it took over my old FFX file, and i didn't even get warning, so no i don't have any savings left, and i need to play from the begging again and i will use the latest version and i hope there won't be any problems this time, good thing that this game is so damn good ^^

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