FFX slowdown at Mi'hen Highroad
Loss of FPS at Mi'hen Highroad.

CPU: Intel I7 3770k 4.3 Ghz
GPU: Nvidia 570 GTX

I shouldn't be getting slowdowns, should I?

All recommended hacks are on. I enabled, and disabled 8 bit textures. Same results.

I am playing the game in full screen mode. But, still get the same results when going to 1280x720 windowed mode.

Using revision 5393.

I only experience loss of fps when hooking the game up to game source on Xsplit. It may just be an issue with Xsplit's compatibility?

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It's the most demanding scene of FFX and I guess it's just too much for xsplit too Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
xsplit can go faster if you don't use their built in screen capture, but instead a d3d direct capture (like dxtory).

Using xsplit+dxtory, I've broadcast FF10 reasonably well at 576p (2500K 4.0ghz). Won't say there were no slowdowns at all, though...

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