FFX slowdowns
Running beta 1888 and whatever the newest pre compiled version of GSDX is in DX11 mode. The game runs fine normally get about 120 FPS with the limiter off. However whenever I go to menus it slows down to like 30 fps. Anyway to speed that up?

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#1: Don't use DX11 mode till it's actually been developed... Currently, it's just DX10 mode based on buggy beta DX11 SDKs. There is zero benefit over DX10 mode, and has the added "benefits" of being less stable and sometimes slower.

#2: If you have 8-bit textures enabled, disable that and see if that fixes it.

-edit- sanity fix of my post.
Ah yeah it was 8-bit textures that was causing the slowdown. Thanks for the tip.

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