FFX text glitchy
FFX is running like a dream on the pcsx2 beta with GSDX but I'm having a problem with the text.

Whenever it's at a non-native resolution I get what appears to be glitching of some sort in the text. it appears in the menu, dialogue, and even on the pause screen.

Now when I run it native it's fine but of course then I have terrible scaling issues(sometimes I really hate having this high resolution monitor)

Anybody have a quick fix for me? Or even a not-so-quick fix?\

Also I apologize if I added the pictures incorrectly I've never done so on a message board before.



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That's just something you have to deal with when running in non-native resolutions. Games weren't designed to run in anything other than their native resolutions, so all sorts of graphical glitches are prone to popping up.

The devs are currently working on possible fixes or workarounds for these issues, but it probably isn't a very high priority.
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Those are standard artifacts when drawing sprites at a higher resolution - for some artifacts, playing with the resolution can help. Don't think it'll help with those. Looks to me like those artifacts may actually be drawn correctly.

What do I mean? Say you draw a 10 pixel wide image from points 0 to 9 at native resolution. Then say you double it. You (basically) draw the same thing from pixels 0 to 19. At the higher res, pixel 0 comes from a spot in the source texture left of pixel 0 when drawing at native, and pixel 19 comes from a spot right of pixel 9 at native. So if you have your characters tightly packed in a single bitmap, you get those artifacts. If you changed this behavior, objects would drawn too closely together. Also note that for drawing 3D objects, this is exactly the behavior you want. For 2D objects, lots of issues around the edges, no matter what you do.

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