FFX very SLOW!
hey i got pcsx2 0.9.6 runin on my laptop which is: acer aspire 5732zg , windows 7 64-bit operating system, processor: Pentium® dual-core CPU T4400 @2.20GHz 2.20GHz, RAM 3.00GB
my adapter type is: ATI mobility radeon HD 4570, video memory 512.

the game is FFX, but it is runing very slow and laggy..am useing GSdx ssse3,tried all the others GSdx, and zeroGS, but no use..any idea on how to make it run faster?

I love final fantasy!

Thank youSmile

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What PCSX2 settings? What plugin settings? Tried the latest beta? What exactly is "very laggy/slow"?
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GSdx with highest (S)SSE should be good. SPU2-X r2693 as well. Use native resolution. Speedhacks should help. And do use the latest beta/plugins, they alone may help.
i tried all the graphic plugines, and i did use speed hack.atm am gonna try the new beta. and hope it'll work Smile
and oh what i mean by slow and laggy is it is kinda like playin a movie but reduceing it speed, the fps is around 50-20..
The new beta has some speed improvements. Your CPU is a bit slow, but you should get near full speed with speedhacks on and the latest beta.
Man it's all about setings and plugins. din't play this game about year, now when i put it up my cpu said me 99% usage. Then i said to him WTF!!
checked plugins ( i tought i dint chenge anything ) but there were minor chenges. now i got 20-35 % cpu usage witch almost 99% game speed all the time.
good luck in cofiguring. ps im using. GDSX 2693 (sse41) and PCSX2 beta.r1886 - sep 20 2009 ( my cpu is C2D 2,5Ghz ) soo you can do it to with your CPU

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