FFX video problem
Hi, I have recently upgraded to the new 0.9.7 and it is utterly amazing, and I started to play FFX again mainly for the new game fix which fixes the bad graphical overlay on some of the videos. However it does not appear to be working, I have just reached the point at besaid where tidus kicks the ball, but the same video overlay problem from 0.9.6 is there, I had heard if you set your screen res hi enough it fixed this but as I am using a laptop this is not possible. It is the PAL version and I have 50fps at the video switch, does anyone have any ideas?

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Did you enable the game fix on the Emulation Settings?
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yes, both the ffx fix and the box to enable:-)
Try one of those:
1/Change drive format to NTFS
2/Use save file from Gamefaqs to pass
3/In Pcsx2 0.9.6 config, tick Full and Extra + preserve sign
I made an iso from my ffx disk and I am running from that, I tried the the full + preserve settings but still get a nasty black border and the last pic overlayed with the video, has anyone got it to work in 0.9.7? I am running at 1024/768 and at native ps2 res
I have found a fix!!, ok if anyone else is having this problem just press F9 when the video starts, dont forget to press it again when its finished:-), note this will only work in 0.9.7 as the older versions do not allow you to hotswap the renderer:-), and thanks for the help after trying everything the fix as usual was simple lolz
Try different Plugins if not already done. It's the only recommendation I can think that was not already given
In GSDX try different modes and interlaces.
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thanks, as I said though I found a good fix, and not only does it work for ffx but will work for all games:-) I just tested it with FFXII and it works a treat!
That's OK, we posted at the same time, the important is you are happy Smile
But still you should try a bit more, neither FFX or FFXII needs to run the cutscenes in software mode, FFX-2 yes, for now.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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