FFX2 - Graphics Problems
I'm back again (and feeling a bit sorry for all these issues). But if you can guess, I have successfully ran through FFX.

...And now I'm back - with FFX-2

The problem this time is the screen flickers, and is cracked with parts cut off in black, and lines all through it. The sound is also off-pitch and wavering. I am currently using the same settings that worked fine for me for previous games.

Mentionably, I also had similar issues when I attempted to run Tekken 5. Hopefully it isn't that my graphics/system doesn't quite cut it... Previous games had run quite smoothly and this isn't exactly an old rig.

I would like to put up some screenshots, but don't quite know how to do it in the emulator - using the key and pasting it on paint leaves the screen blank.

All help would be greatly appreciated. If there is any info you need, just ask.

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Is this during the FMVs in FFX2? Because it's a known issue then. Use the latest public beta. The best you can do is either use ZeroGS or use GSdx Software mode and cycle through the interlacing options to find the best one. Otherwise, there's not much you can do. Normal play should be fine.

To take screenshots, Alt + Print Screen and paste in Paint will take a screenshot of the active window.
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