FFXED - After editing save
Hi Guys,

Things are going great on FFX and thanks to ssakash, its fully operational on my system at 60fps Laugh

However, I've now stumbled upon something of a mystery.

I'm sure many people have used the FFXED program before and had no issues after using it, unfortunately for me I have. I changed Tidus's first weapon (Longsword's) appearance to look like the Buster Sword, while all was looking good and well after loading, as soon as I attack, the game freezes quite bizarrely but in a very weird way. everything works fine, but the options menu (Attack,Items etc,) doesn't appear again and I can't attack again, all I'm looking at is everyones battle stances.

Someone please help me Sad

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What does the emulog say during this problem as it's occurring?
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That's not really surprising. It's a dummied item/appearance after all.

I think regular attacks cause it to bug out. Skills might be ok though.
But from what I was reading, everyone that used it had the same issue.
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