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FFXED: Final Fantasy X Save Editor
ok my bad then

why add the option to not add it then xD

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That's what the "Exists" option lets you do. It is there to add/remove equipment.
I think it can be difficult to find the Auto-Ability you want from the Auto-Ability drop down menus. So I will posit this question to everyone:

Would you prefer the Auto-Abilities to be sorted in the order they appear in the customization menu, or in alphabetical order?
Alphabetical for me Tongue
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much easier to find what you are looking for then
Update posted. You can now edit the save slot number of PSU saves, edit all 255 item slots, and find Auto-Abilities more easily. Do you guys like the alphabetical order?


Even though the space for 255 item slots has been reserved in the save file, items past slot 112 do not appear in-game. I will put the item slots in FFXED back to a max of 112. Sorry guys.
I like to play a very special gameplay with FFX so I have a suggestion for you ^^

the option to delete all not maxed stats on the sphere grid

normally I hack some destrucospheres in the game and destruct everything under max
the almost no hp makes it more tactical^^
by the way very nice idea

EDIT: you could also add customizing the aeons (bestia) as they have abilitys just like a weapon^^
EDIT: just saw it in the weapons area xD
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Um could you possibly make a video out of this? i am honestly confused ... i dont get it at all how to do it ... it would be nice if you would do it and btw, Nice work =D
how to do what?
for running the save editor and editing you need 3 things:
FFXED (you have to download FFXED.jar)
and java which i'll assume you have if else google it XD

save your Final Fantasy X game on memorycard savestates won't work!!!

open mymc wit the "mymc-gui.exe" file and open the memorycard you saved FFX in (looks a bit like this)    

klick on it and export the save file (you might have to rename it cause windows can't have names THAT LONG^^)
also check if you are saving it with the .psu file extension

then you start the FFXED.jar file (.jar files are java files afaik)
and open your freshly saved FFX save with "Load File" and edit it
if you feel you edited enough just click on save or save as if you feel you'd like to have a backup and import the save into a memorycard via mymc again

please note that you can't have two similliar savefiles in one memcard so delete the old one or better yet use a different one
Chicken is not Vegan?

Ah Thanks alot man Laugh it worked, the only problem after downloading mymc is that u need theese 2 following DLL Files: MSVCR71.DLL and MSVCP71.DLL and they are very easy to search on google and to download.

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