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FFXED: Final Fantasy X Save Editor
And thanks to my friend (a PM). She said I should to write a ReadMe, but I forgot. So I should say sorry to all above.

1st run the MyPSU.exe(What's the fxxk name...), and click the "RAW_2_PSU", choose a save file(named  like ffx_***)
2nd there will be a psu file named "temp.psu"(another fxxk name), even if there already be a temp.psu, it will be coverd.
3rd run the great save file editor FFXED, to choose the temp.psu, and just edit it!(And don't forget to save the temp.psu, what u have changed.)
4th click the "PSU_2_RAW" to save the file. BTW the file name must be ffx_***(And u can cover the one you have choose in the step1)

Note1: If u were me, find some data that FFXED cannot edit. U can edit it by yourself, and jump the step3, just make my program as a calculate the checksum^_^
Note2: Some function have no be added, because I'm lazy. And just write something I have find in the save file.
0x44cc change to 0xFFFFFFFF, Here is Al Bhed's Dictionaries, but there's somewhere control the translate on the screen no here.
0x44d0 change to 0xFFFFFFFF, Here is All the Key Item, so there's no need to play minigames...
0x1794 start is all the BlitzBall player's exp
0x001c-0x002c is the save file's titile
and so on~~
Note3: As my bad network at home, I'm sorry it's to hard for me to update the code(used MFC, write in VS2013)And if I'm not obsessed with the OverWatch, I'll carry on update the project

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Is it possible to make the minimize all stat nodes option change hp nodes to 100 hp instead of 200?

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