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FFXED Storyline and World Position
Hey guys, I'm trying to skip the Djose Temple Part because pcsx2 crashes when i try to leave the antechamber room or the room where Yuna goes in to get the Ixion i think. could anybody help me with this? I tried everything and didn't work so I'm using FFXED. So can anyone help me with the storyline and world position just to skip the cloister of trials in Djose?

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Using the 1888 beta should get you around that crash easily.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i don't know why though but it doesn't work for me Sad or maybe its because im using the international version
Try changing in Advanced Clamp modes to Full and Extra+Preserve Sign and Round mode to Nearest or Negative
Oh and when trying these settings, load from a memcard and not from a state
[Image: newsig.jpg]
As Bositman said, this is a problem best solved by tweaking PCSX2. Everyone that I have seen so far has been able to fix crashes this way. Use FFXED only as a last resort because it does not solve the problem; it only bypasses it.
okay i'll just borrow my friend's cd maybe my cd is just broken thanks guys

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