FFXI and hard drive plugin?
I search around the forums but i didn't find any info on this. Just like what the compatibility page says, FFXI is limited only to an error/title screen that says no hard drive is detected. Will there be a "hard drive" plugin that emulates the PS2 hard drive module? I'm curious and would like to see if I can get my FFXI Online game running on the emulator.

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There used to be a HDD plugin: Megadev I think, not sure if it works anymore but I really doubt you'll get that game to play beyond what you have already.
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Main plugin I can think of that does HD emulation well, offhand, is MegaDev9, and it doesn't do ethernet, so you still wouldn't have much luck with FFXI...
Do the PCSX2 guys plan to continue support this plugin or develop their own HDD plugin sometime in the near future?
Bump. Anyone know if this is still being worked on?
It's not.
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