FFXII 0.9.6 issues
So i recently upgraded to the 0.9.6 running DX10 settings i began playing Final Fantasy XII but i only seem to get 30 - 40 FPS ingame, 20-28 in crowded areas.. i know my PC is powerfull enough to run this game my specs are

Processor: AMD Phenom 9750 Quad core 2.40GHz
Memory(RAM) 4 GB
Video: Nvidia 9800 GTX

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Your cpu is actually not very fast for emulation use. You can try to use speedhacks. Aside from that you can overclock your pc....

You can also try to post your entire configuration, just in case you configured something wrong...
I can tell you that using an AMD Phenom 9950 clocked to 2.8ghz , using a nvidia 260GTX , same configs as you except texture filtering , i got it greyed out and my internal res is at 1440x900 , the game goes normally at 60fps , sometimes goes into 46 ( rarely ) and err no speedhacks

Emu = .96.0 rev
Gsdx = 594 ( 0.1.14 )
Pad = Lilypad 9.10
Sound = SPU2-X 1.0.0
CPU - [PHENOM 9950 BE 3.0 GHZ | GFX - [Evga 260GTX]
OS - [Vista 64 Business] | RAM - [4GB Gskill 1066Mhz]
Try Speedhack - x3 cycle rate, and check cpu mtgs.
If this doesnt help try without native .
1)Intel Q6600 OC to 3.0 GHz
2)Asus P5QL-E
3)HD4850 512MB
4)2GB Ram (800MHz)
5)Sound Blaster X-Fi Pro Gamer Fatality
6)Samsung 2493HM
I use 1.5 and get about 40 (as of last rev, not 0.9.6) with a 2.2 ghz 8400GS. so try that first ans see what it gives you.

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