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Okay so, I got this game running pretty good. My average outside towns is around 55-65FPS, even the sound works great. During some fights, I get some menu slowdowns, chops, and in town. It's not so bad after I set some speedhacks, and frameskip. The problem is, I'm not sure if I did it or not, Sometimes the game will skip. Well, Load skip. I'll be walking along and it'll pause for a second and then keep going. It didn't do that using the CDiso plugin before, now no matter what I use it does it. The menu chops didn't start until the load skips happened. What am I doing wrong?

AMD FX-62 2.8ghz
4g DDR2 800mhz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260
Nothing is getting hot at all
AM using Vista64, and it runs GREAT

Other than the load skips and the often menu choppiness, like when selecting a spell or item during battle, the game is great. Also, the Cutscenese used to play smoothly, but since the load chops, they are very choppy

[Image: FFXII%20Nice%20FPS.jpg]

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The chopiness you describe can happen from 2 things:
1) Running the game off the original disc,so the emulator has to wait for the dvd to start spinning before reading sectors. Make an image of the game and run it with linuzappz iso plugin to get around that
2)EE sync hacks can lead to this and the only solution is to turn them down (use 1.5 instead) or disable it (default cycle)
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