FFXII Cinematic Issue
Hi all

After some tweaking (and a new VGA), i managed to play any game in max quality, dx10 and 2k texture resolution

now i have a problem, that i think its only related to ffxii: the cutscenes (pre-rendered, not animated) are stuttering. something like half a second every 8-10 seconds. may not seem much, but its quite annoying

someone knows what i can do?

thanks in advance

edit: i would like to use this thread to also ask something: is there a way to improve the speed of transition between zones? after checking the cpu usage graph, it does nothing in those 2-3 seconds it takes to travel between zones, so i would like to remove that wait

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Do you have speedhacks enabled? Those might cause stutter.

About the loading times:
We'll have to emulate the loading times to some extend, or games start acting weird or they don't work anymore.
no speedhacks enabled, all turned off and set to default

thanks, any other ideas?
hey man try playing around with your cpu settings see what you get Laugh.

Also if you want to speed up the transition time, try pressing TAB ( I never really tried that ) I found out that by pressing tab you can actually make the game go pretty fast.

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