[FFXII][FF12] Pixelated mini-map in latest version
so, today I was playing and the game crashed a few times when using savestates, so I decided to try updating pcsx2. I had version 1.2.1.
I installed the new version (1.4.0), set the settings as much as possible identical to the ones of the older version and played on it without problems.

but, after a while I noticed that the mini-map on the top-right is pixelated, whereas it wasn't when using version 1.2.1. the rest of the game looks identical to how it was before.

I'll attach two screenshots of how the game looks on the two versions of pcsx2 and screenshots of the graphic plugin configs.

so, why is the map like so in the new version? I fiddled with the settings and hacks but nothing changed.

thanks for the help.



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get the newest version from here:


then change the internal resolution to 2x and set texture filtering to bilinear (forced) and anisotropic filtering to atleast 2x
ugh, I feel so stupid. just changing to "bilinear (forced)" solved the issue. I must have tried everything BUT that specific one thing.


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