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FFXII/FFXII IZJS Editor - rich SaveGame/Memory Editor for FF XII (+IZJS)
(07-29-2015, 11:57 PM)kritos Wrote: Hi everyone!

I'm having an issue with this editor. I'm running the game as administrator on PCSX2 1.0.0 (r5350, the one I always used for IZJS), load my save, launch the editor as admin.. and then the game freezes.
I can still hear the sounds, and my character moving, but the display is frozen.
I'm able to see the data in the editor tough, could anyone help me with this issue?
Looks like good work anyway, can't wait to try it Laugh cheers

1.0.0 is unsupported
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Thanks to the uploader for making this awesome tool. (Even though he's not around anymore)

Funny enough it works flawlessly with 1.3.1-1454.

Currently messing about with FF12 a bit and the editor works great. Even the Memory Editor to freeze status buffs works. Might be handy to know for people still playing the game.

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Hey guys, this tool is pretty awesome. I never use editors for my first time or two through any game, but afterwards, it's a blast playing around with different settings or making modifications to help get through some of the annoying parts quicker. One thing I can't seem to do is refight any espers, does anybody know if this is possible?

I defeated Adrammelech and used the editor to uncheck his Active box so I could go back into Zertinan and fight him again, but I get nothing. If esper battles can't be redone, that's kind of a bummer...
Is it too much to ask for gambits that aren't in the game at all? or maybe a way to make my own gambits (by programing them in your own ff editor) maybe you could swap in game gambit for custom made gambits...the gambits in ff xii is 90% of the reason i have 200+ hours in the game.
I wonder if there's a way to edit which character walks around in towns? I'd rather just forget Vaan exists at all, if possible...
seria muito maneiro poder colocar duas classes, igual ao FFXII TZA.

It will be great to be able to put two classes, equal to the FFXII TZA.

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