FFXII Grainy Text
So, i'm doing some test with FFXII on my brand new PC (Asus G53SW-SZ114V).

I tried a lot of games, and everything was ok (except some lines when browsing FFX's menus and the shadows in SMT III). But i have a problem with FFXII. If i use any resolution except native, the text looks grainy:


It's the ONLY game that gives me this kind of problem. Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy X, Shin Megami Tensei III (other text heavy games) all work perfectly, no text problem.

My PSCX2 config is:

GSDX: DX11, Custom Resolution: 1920x1080, Texture Filtering and 8 BIt Textures checked, Alpha Hack, Offset Hack checked and Skipdraw 1. I tried to enable AA in the hacks section, but it didn't resolve the problem, but it slows down the game during some sequences.

Sound wise, the game works perfectly.

So, any ideas?


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change the texture filtering check box from conditional (coloured square) to on (tick box)
It's still a bit grainy, but much better rhan before, thanks =)
probably there's nothing you can do about it - text doesn't stretch as good as textures on a custom resolution
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