I have a little bug in this game, i dunno whats cause, the emulation or my settings:

When I'm use Quickenings and using Basch's Flame Purge, the end of the animation is slowing down (5-10fps i think) and the sound is shatterd apart.
Unfortunatly if you wait for the end of animation, the game is back to normal, but this is a little annoying.

The 2. problem is in the cutscreen (not FMV) with the shadows: is there a big square or something like that.

If need my config please reply and i post it.

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the first problem is not a bug, your system just doesn't have enough frame buffer bandwidth, so stick with native during quickenings.

the second is a bug in hardware gsdx, which won't be fixed any time soon.
moved out of bug reports since it's far from being one
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there was a fix for the flamepurge thing, i posted it somewhere on here, il search for ya Smile

found it:

alpha hack and skip draw hack to 1 and your ''bug'' is fixed Smile
Thanks for your help!

Thanks for all.

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