FFXII-IZJS Shadow Issue
Right now I'm using pcsx2-5602-windows-x86 with the GSdx32-AVX-r5580 graphics plugin. I've been playing through FFXII-IZJS and I'm experiencing an issue related to shadows. It only happens at this part of the game (so far) on hardware mode no matter the resolution or if textures are filtered or not. Most angles your camera is in can make these bad shadows to show up. There are only a very small amount of angles that make it go back to normal.


Anybody else experiencing this on the fight versus Famfrit? Suggestions? Should I report it on Googlecode or is there a setting that I can change (besides going into software mode)?
Model: Clevo P570WM Laptop
GPU: GeForce GTX 980M ~8GB GDDR5
CPU: Intel Core i7-4960X CPU +4.2GHz (12 CPUs)
Memory: 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3L 1600MHz, 4x8gb
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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i also have this problem i think i solved it by using the hacks in HW mode "skip-draw 1?" also this wasn't only on famfrit for me.

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