FFXII IZJS issue - unable to level up
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is a pcsx2 issue and I couldn't find an answer while searching the forums so here goes nothing, please correct me if I'm at the wrong place.

I switched to pcsx2 with FFXII IZJS and necountered a strange problem.

Tried leveling up Vaan with the Dustia and phoenix down trick but Vaan is stuck at level 3 at 303 exp and 83 points till level 4. Tried killing a couple of wolfs but only licence points are going up and no matter how many Dustias i kill, exp is stuck to 303.

Did anyone encounter such an issue in pcsx2?

I'm not sure where the problem is so not sure what info to put here. The game is running smoothly, no issues with sound or graphics and i did get to level 3 so i'm puzzled what's going on now.

Thanks for the advice!

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did you enable any cheat ?
did you apply any patch to your iso ? (even a translation one ?)
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Nope, no cheats (Enable Cheats option is not selected), no patches, playing the iso as is.
You said you switched to pcsx2, does that mean you're on new game + using your save from ps2 or something alike? In FFXII there's a special new game+ mode which disables leveling and characters are stuck on 1, 2, 3 lvl's or something alike while you keep your gear or so I think(don't remember details).

There's also an FFXII editor which can be attached to pcsx2 like a trainer or used over a savegame which allows to enable/disable that lvling switch in case you used this game feature accidently and want to force lvling back ON.;3

That mode kinds of prove the game can be easily passed without any levelingTongue, but if you aren't on new game+ then dunno, maybe your iso is not 100% working correctly? You could try dumping it again from original disc using Imgburn since other programs often fail dealing with PS2 dvd's and while game might still work at times it can be partially broken.
Thanks for your reply!

No, definitely not on a new game+. Had this disc for years, started playing it on ps2 but never finished, so started from clear on my pc.

I had no prob with the disc on ps2, but yeah, I'll try the dump again and see what happens with the new iso. I'll try booting from disc also.

Also not using the FFXII editor.
Here's an update.

Running the game from the dvd didn't change the situation. Neither did loading from a previous pcsx2 save file.

But loading from a previous ingame save file did, Vaan is now leveling up and gaining experience points.
Yeah pcsx2 "saves" are memory dumps with extra info pretty much most glitches are preserved by them. Maybe some minor corruption flipped the existing variable for no-exp mode since you were like the first person ever coming here with such glitch.

Anyway have fun with the game, a small tip since you're first time playing it on pcsx2 and just starting as well - if you later get major slowdowns while using quickenings, you can check GSdx(GS plugin) hardware hacks and use either agressive CRC or skipdraw set as 1, it removes the heatwave effect in them which is very heavy.
Thanks for the help and advice!

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