FFXII In-Game Graphics
[Image: 2likdhk.png]
[Image: 2ptxeeg.png]
Screenshot by me

[Image: 2hq9umu.jpg]
My PC specs

[Image: LQFJS.jpg]
Screenshot by TwinkleTwinkie

[Image: attachment.php?aid=43914]
Screenshot by luc2010

I noticed their in-game graphics is way nicer than my pixelated graphics. i.e. smoother looking Vaan. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks alot!

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Oh I've fixed it. Its at PS2 Resolution scaling. Just simply set it to 6X Native.
Just so you know, theres generally no reason to go higher than 4x native. After 4x the increased strain on your system just isnt worth the low increase in quality.
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Oh okay, thanks a lot on your advice. Smile

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