FFXII In-game cinematic freezing
E8200 @ 3.2Ghz

0.9.5 beta r563
GSdx 503 (dx10) 0.1.14
ZeroSPU2 (PG) r563

Haven been trying to solve this myself, which means i have tried couple of different configurations with options.

Problem is that after playing to the point after getting captured to Leviathan in game cinematics start freezing in a specific point in the cinematic. Well, it's not really freezing since the emulation continues, music keeps playing and the movie remains skippable through pause menu, but all the actions stops. I can still see, for example wind blowing in characters hair and such.
This has happened on two occasions this far. Example of the other:
[Image: Bey.jpg]

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Use SPU2-X, this is a problem with ZeroSPU
Thank you. Probably the only thing I did not try, 'cause the game was working perfectly otherwise.

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