FFXII International - Input Lag during Quickenings
Hello, im using 0.9.8 official release and have no issues with FFXII except a few audio skips in cutscenes - im playing at 1680 res, core2duo 8500.

In quickenings, i noticed a serious input lag with my logitech controller - it seems it takes at least 0.5 sec to recognize the input - i also have to press the button 2 times to switch to another quickening (this might be by game design i have no idea) - i tested this with a save state where i had 0.2 sec left and could from the beginning without shuffle switch do another quickening - it was impossible - always time up after numerous tries... (i do not notice an FPS slowdown here, but either way the input is probably in another thread and should not be affected by it anyway)

Any ideas?

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Bad port, the game timings run out of sync in the international port.
Port? The international isnt a port, its written like the original for the PS2 -its just enhanced
its a PAL port.
(01-24-2012, 07:00 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: its a PAL port.


Only released in Japan.
er thats not it, this happens to me and im on a 550 gpu i7 usa ff12
Change your res for the game to 1024 x 1024. I know it sucks but its not THAT big a difference. That will fix you up.
For me I was at 2048 2048 with no lag for normal play , then id open a menu and got serious lag, so I downed the rest to 1440 x 1440, all fixed. then quickenings were lagging, changed it to 1024 1024 and its been flawless sense, there honestly isnt that much dif at 1024 anyway, its anything below 1024x1024 is when you start see'ing serious graphic degrading.
Above that is just like AA for games on pc, nice but very minimal.
P.S. the card is a gtx with 1.5 ddr5 ram , doesn't get much better without sli honestly. So 1024 it up
(01-24-2012, 07:00 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: its a PAL port.

the game was only released for NTSC as pointed out, its only available in JPN (apart from the community english patch)

As for the 1024x resolution suggestion - this might work for you - but i have a 30" 2560x resolution monitor - its a big difference for me between 1650 and 1024 resolution (im also using the widescreen option of FFXII ingame)
you should really try that first, if it is indeed your gpu causing the bottleneck then at least you know where the problem is.
i was thinking X-2 then i guess :\

XII does have lag even on the PS2 during quickenings.

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