FFXII International Zodiac Job System Save
Hi there. FFXII international Zodiac Job System runs perfectly fine (seems even better than my ps2 actually) however there is one issue that seems to be bugging me.

I want to convert my .PS2 save from PCSX2 to .max or something similar so that i can edit it with a save editor and then re-convert it to .PS2 so i can then continue playing the game on the emulator. However, i am using mymc to do this. It detects all other saves within the memory card other than the save i want. Its basically saying that there is no save data for FFXII international Zodiac Job System present on the memory card even though i can go into the game and boot up the save from the exact same memory card.

So i am a little confused, anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: NEVER MIND. i was able to fix it by attaching the PCSX2 process to the save editor instead of going directly to the save Smile

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