FFXII Mac User. Emulator shut down
its been a while since ive posted. the last time was 3 years ago and it was the exact problem i have now. Here are my comp specs first of all.

2.66 Ghz intel core 2 duo
8 gig memory DDR3
OSX 10.8.2
Nvidia Geforce 9400M 256 MB graphics

Anyway. 3 years ago i finished Pharos the longest dungeon in history and was just doing all the hunts before the final dungeon or boss. Trying enter rabanastre my emulator all of a sudden shut down. i forgot wht the error was. But this same problem occured today. Everything runs fine. I went all the way up to the golmore jungle. and right before heading into henne mines, when i enter the next screen the emulator shuts down. Below are a few attachments of where i last was, and the error screen. If anyone knows or has this been problem, any support would be much appreciated.

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Mac pcsx2 is a wast of time. They don't update that one really.

PC pcsx2 is way better just turn you mac into a pc using "Bootcamp" software it free and it in every mac computer.Smile

Don't worry about your mac operating system you can still access it at any time. You will have both operating system in you computer and switch between them at anytime. Wink

All you need is a blank disc, usb 4g or more, windows 7 or 8 iso or buy windows 7 or 8 in store.
Go on youtube for the rest of the instructions.

Type in YouTube search engine "Bootcamp"
Have fun Smile

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