FFXII NTSC cheats running on PXSC 1.0 - No cheats found
Hello all,
I've read as many related posts as possible and am still unable to get cheat codes to initiate via pnach file. I was certain to:
Make sure the file type is in fact .pnach (not .txt)
I have duplicate files (just to be sure) located in the
and pcsx2 root (pcsx2 1.0.0>cheats) folders
Check the CRC and removed 0x
Named the file appropriately
Am using patches from http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your...hes-here#F with a status of 'working'
Enabled cheats via the GUI
Ran the ISO in both 'fast' and 'full' modes (see SS)
If it may be relevant information I have ripped the ISO via IMGburn and am mounting the image via Virtual CloneDrive and the CDDVD is running as plugin from the menu.
Any advice? As always I'm sure it is a simple mistake on my part that I am overlooking, but would like to get an extra pair of eyes. If there is any further information you may need to help me troubleshoot let me know.
Thanks to all who reply in advance.

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Very descriptive and screenshots helped. Perhaps make try to make sure pcsx2 is not installed in program files directory, as there can be permission issues. Also make sure extensions are not hidden, and that it says .pnach, not just the filename.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

Thank you for the quick response!
Have followed your advice and modified both files located within My documents>pcsx2>cheats and g:\pcsx2>cheats
Definitely made sure to avoid installing in the default OS partition (C:\program files as in most cases)
Renamed both to be 0779FBDB.pnach.pnach (showing the full extension there).
Modified folder permission on both to allow full control via authenticated users as well as my username specifically (I am using Run as Admin to launch the application as well).
Thanks again for the reply, perhaps there is something else I am missing? I can't help but feel that the manner in which I am mounting the ISO is giving me some difficulty. Just a thought.
Need to remove the of of the pnach so that all you see is 0779FBDB.pnach

Ok have you removed the // from in front of the cheats that you want to use? Otherwise there will be nothing to load
Done and Done. Still no go. Thank you as well for your response.
Have also removed the comment tags (//) from the prefix of desired hacks.
Need to remove it from in front of the word Comment as well

See the example from this post http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your...8#pid32928
Thank you again for your continued responses.
Attempted again with full and fast boot - comment removed from field beginning with "comment".
(Was sure to ctrl+s > close pcsx2 > reopen)
There's something minor I'm missing here, but can't quite figure it out.
Try adding // in front of the master code and seeing if that works.

In some cases the master code is not needed with PCSX2

(06-03-2013, 05:15 AM)wintermyute Wrote: Stumped. ( and by this I mean me, not you).
First of all remove the master code, it must not be used with the pnach. Second, the cheats for the crystals are byte, not word.

Finally, I'm not sure how PCSX2 respond to spaces in the folders names. PS: Is advisable avoiding spaces and/or special characters in folders name and try making the name relatively short to prevent long paths giving troubles due to exceeding the max characters allowed.

A recommendation is moving the whole PCSX2 folder under the Documents to overlap the root PCSX2 folder (attention: not to have another PCSX2 inside PCSX2), afterwards create an empty txt file named portable.txt and rename it to portable.ini (it must be located at the PCSX2 root folder).

This last step probably will run the configuration wizard once again, make sure to point only to inside the PCSX2 folder structure (not at Documents anymore).
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