FFXII PAL [SLES54355] freezing right after starting

I have this issue, the game boot, the sky begins to appear as the opening movie starts to play, the prelude begins to play and on the sixth note, freeze ! just 1 sec after starting. I've experienced the same issue on r4600, r5350 and r5695. I've tested many configuration preset with no success.

I'm quite sure there is something wrong in my configuration, but what...

Core i5 2500
16Gb DDR3
Radeon 6870 (Catalyst 13.5 beta)
Win7 Pro 64

PCSX2 Config :
r5695 for windows
GS : GSdx r5702 Dx11 Hardware
SPU2 : spu2-x r5695
Speedhack :
  • EE: 2
  • VU : 0
  • INTC spin detection
  • Wait Loop Detection
  • mVU Flag Hack
  • MTVU

I sent a log file, if someone knows how to read it =)

FFX worked fine with FFX gamefix and speedhack...but I can't get

Any ideas ? hints or other ? ^^

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