FFXII Super Settings ?
Im running a newly 2016 MSI Gaming laptop, i run all games at Ultra quality with no problem

but with FFXII I tried all the settings in the forums but the game is really blurry for some reason, 

can someone guide me through the ultra quality ? Im new to PCSX2

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Like What am i supposed to choose between DirectX 11 Software & Hardware & OpenGL ?
>gaming laptop

So you have a mid-range overpriced computer that easily overheats and has a lifespan of under 3 years. Cool.

As for your question, what REALLY makes the game's graphics is the advanced settings of the graphical plugin.

Go to your video settings under the setting tab. Go to plugin settings.

Now make sure that the plugin is either software or hardware DirectX11.

Some people claim that software runs slower but is more like a real PS2, but in my case some games ran and looked better with hardware plugin.

If its on software plugin, run Edge AA and enable mipmapping.

If its on hardware plugin, youve got a real gem-pulisher here. See that thing that says "Internal resolution"? The higher the number the higher res and pixels the game will be displayed at. It can make old games look brand new. Removes anything blurry or pixelated from the game. I do have to warn, its a FPS-killer.

There's a little bit more you can do using some settings and configs that i am not exactly sure how to set.
ok just wanted to say that if you paid over 1000$ for this laptop... well you could've had a 4x better pc for an even cheaper price!

but as for FFXII i run the game fine at 1440p on my Nvidia ASUS GTX 960 2gb gpu alongside with my Intel i5-6500. and i get excellent results

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