FFXII : UNDUB Patching okay w/ PCSX2?
So I made an ISO of Final Fantasy XII and I want to apply an UNDUB patch (changes the voices to original Japanese Laugh). But I dont know if it will screw it like uh.. making it run slower, make glitches or be incompatible w/ PCSX2. Now I wanna know if applying an undub patch will make compatibility changes. Or will it be the same thing and nothing will change except for what the patch is for (Japanese voices). Thanks!!!

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it does make a difference, you will not know it untill you encounter it, i have my international zodiac edition english patched and i can play the game fine, so maybe it works the other way around too Smile
undub patches may cause many undesired glitches/crashes.
but I second Warweeny on this : you won't know if it occurs until you encounter it.
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Just try it. I've already tried Persona 4 UNDUB patched and I have finished the game without any problems.
Why do you not play NTSC-J version instead?
NTSC-J versions tend to not have English screen texts and subtitles. You don't need to actually understand a work's original language to prefer it over dubs, and that's not really limited to Japanese media. Even in cases where the dubs are superior to the original (IMO, this is actually the case with FF12), there's nothing wrong with preferring the original, as it's closest to what was envisioned by the creators. Er, either way, it's something you can discuss all day long and it really comes down to whether you play games just for the gaming fun or for their narrative or artistic value.

As for the actual topic, it should work just fine. If you run into problems, just use the original to get past whatever issue you're having, but in my experience, undub and translation patches rarely cause much if any trouble.
Compared to games like Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix that have English Dialogs with Japanese text (no that's not a typo it's correct way), there are games that are full Japanese and there are puzzles inside the game that have random options and change every single time you play the game which makes virtualy impossible to play the game without a proper patch or knowing Japanese.
Okay, so now Im gonna use an undub patched ffxii but will use the original backup to get past problems (if I encounter one). Although it will be confusing if the problem is caused by the patch or some wrong pcsx2/plugin setting.

Anyways, thanks everyone!
The worst thing that could happen is in the case of the possibility unplayable game at some point and then losing hours of play, to many people having the original Japanese voices and sometimes other differences as well may be worthy the try.

And the original DVD is never touched.
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