FFXII black screen help?
I can get through the start menu and the initial config screen and the entire opening cut scene with a little bit of flickering. once that over, the scene with the books looks really dark, the works are barely readable.

heres what its supposed to look like,

and it looks like this to me,
[Image: 0L7ElDs]

then the next scene where the guy is talking to me, i can hear everything, but the screen is completely black. this continues after this scene.

ive tried multiple iso's (usa) and 2 bios (both usa, a 2002 and a 2006 one)
ive also tried multiple gs plugins, but have returned them to default for now

here are some screens
[Image: TJeKr17]
[Image: q4q8gs0]
[Image: b7hnNgd]
[Image: 6mak2ah]
[Image: WNGxptA]
[Image: fTlqdot]
[Image: T5IVrHS]
[Image: claj81t]

and heres my emulog thing

any help would be greatly appreciated Smile

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Unless you can prove us you actually own 20 PS2s, i'll close this for piracy.
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