FFXII graphics issues
OK so I have a strange issue here. I dont know how to put it so couldn't really use search D:

Well I'll let the screenshots do the talking then:


Here is the strange graphics.


I can walk around fine. Sounds OK. FPS is normal(normal I get).


On selecting an Save Crystal/Merchant.

I'm not sure that to do here... I'll post my specs too:
AMD Athlon X4 635
Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H
Radeon HD 4250(comes onboard?)

Using Software rendering for playing the game and have the original CD of the game( and its pretty clean too!).
Also, I have lag at story cutscenes and the title screen even if FPS is 49-51(my game is PAL) but rest of the game runs smooth with a little slowdown in the "sunny areas" in Rabanastre, from what I've noticed.

Help is apprecuated.

EDIT: Somehow I've fixed the issue myself within 5 mins of my original post O.O. I was playing around with the options in the EE/IO screen and changing the Clamp thing to the extra+preserve sign did the job!
The red text is still a issue though.
I apologize for uselessly posting this... but I hope anyone with similar issues could get them resolved here.

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first of all, make an iso of your game with imgburn (it will run faster and better)

second if you dont already use the latest svn builds, use them! they are here: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/

(cause there is no way this is happening in this game with the default settings, or even with speedhacks on)
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@xiledemon the reason u are getting slowdowns is because your gpu is weak....you may try native res. In gsdx with or without 8-bit textures which may give you a boost....plus the famous mtvu hack in the newer svns which speeds up games.....i have seen many users playing this games without any problems....u might search the forum for this specific game's settings....hope this helps
I've been playing FFXII as well and I have not noticed any graphical errors. I have only noticed that animated cutscenes cut out the audio sometimes.
I thought this has been fixed ages ago.
I think this was a denormals are zero thing, can't even remember..
But it's VU related, so VU clamping to full should fix it.
if you get framedrops, try changing the roundig mode instead of using clamping.

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