FFXII ijzs too fast/inconsistent speeds
I'm able to emulate the standard USA edition of FFXII perfectly. Lately, I've been trying to emulate the izjs version but am having a major problem. My menu speed, scripted areas of the game, and cinematics are all perfect; however, anytime I'm in battle or free roaming, the game plays absurdly fast. All of the animations are sped up. My fps remain constant at around 60fps no matter where I am or what I'm doing in the game.

I've been messing around with settings all day to no avail.

AMD Phenom ii x4 940 3.0ghz
4 g ram
Windows 8.1

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if I am not mistaken.. I thought IJZS had an option for speeding up the game.
Saiki it does I ran into the same issue until I released that L1 is an ingame speedup
OMG... thread closed. That's hilarious.

Hours of frustration. Hours.
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