FFXII pal version bad sound time sync
Hi guys i have a problem like the thread subject say the time sync is rely bad. The characters move the mouth but no sound go out until a few seconds later, and i dont know what to chage to fix this so if someone can help me it would be great.

Os - Windows 7 64-Bit
CPU - Intel core i5 2310
GPU - AMD readon hd 6700

My emulator version is have all the emulator with the recommended settings, i use GSdx 5200 SSE-4,D3D 11 hardware rendering, 2x scaling, and all Hardware Mode Settings activated. And my sound plugins is SPU2-x 2.00 with catmull and the recommended settings.

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First, download the latest SVN.

Check the latency slider in your sound plugin (use SPU2-X)

The highest quality setup (which is what I use) is

> Interlopation : Catmull-Rom
> Module : XAudio 2
> Latency : 50 - 120 (I use 50 which is best, but for some people it sometimes causes problems for it to be that low)
> Sync Mode : Time Stretch

I recommend this since your system doesn't seem like the type to be slowed down much by audio.

Try those. Also, what games does this happen in? Just one or many?

Edit : Actually, this does raise a question to me. As far as quality goes, is XAudio 2 or DirectSound better? (Though XAudio has the support for audio expansion which is awesome - but this is speaking stereo wise only).

I only ask because XAudio is "recommended" but DirectSound is labled "nice".
Thks for the reply
and I already have the time stretch and my latency is 50 but its still bad. Its the only game that I tried .
No problem, of course Smile

Then it might be the game. Try another one. If the problem does not persist with other games then we may have found the culprit.

Also, try it at a higher latency. On an old system of mine, a very low latency like 50 screwed up the audio a bit for me (though it just kinda skipped and made noises, it didn't cause syncing problems).

What game is it?

Lastly, just to clarify, you did download the latest SVN, correct?
ok i will try that and yes i dowload the latest svn and its the same and the game is FFXII pal version.
I had no problems running that game and the compatibility list shows that it's fully playable so I dunno.

Well I'm guessing it's not your SPU2-X settings if you set them to what I said.

With your hardware I wouldn't think there would be a speed problem with audio but hell, who knows for sure?

Make sure your power plan is in maximum performance mode btw. Probably a useless tip but ah what the hell.

Also burn your game into an ISO if you haven't already, and of course make sure your disc isn't scratched up or something. These are just more or less just random tips for better performance.

I'm tired and don't understand enough at the deep level to know what his problem is guys. I kind of just help people with the emulator controls and give them the usual performance advice. Seems that none of that is working here though. Someone pick up from here, I'm heading to bed. Goodnight!
@OP I would say that few seconds of desync is rather caused by lag or something even more awfull like patching pal version to ntsc, changing pal speed to 60 fps in pcsx2 ini's(same as the above in the result;]), abusing speedhacks or some new game breaking commit than latency which would just delay it slightly. Lag could happen on such hardware still if windows was running on power saving power profile, but if your fps are at max that's not the case and I don't really have anything else on mind than stuff I listed which mostly depend on your doing and you said you're on default settings, soo unless you patched your game to run at 60fps(which would break it like that) I have no clue, but if some svn commit broken pal FFX that would be awfull;P as FFX is pretty much a flag game of ps2, soo worth checking official stable release just to be sure(I have pal one, but not with me for at least a month longer, soo cannot check that;]).

@Alexander Moore For the difference between Xaudio2 is theoretically better than dsound, but in reality this is emulation and some games can actually sound better in dsound. In most cases it's probably same, I never felt any difference having quite good hearing, through on a typical desktop using normal stuff without paying for sound hardware more than a new lambo is worth, it's probably more of an placebo effect meaning that if you "know" it's better, you will "hear" it IS, but no acttual difference there;P. Xaudio2 can also cause random crashes on some systems, but afaik those crashes are actually pointing to xaudio if you read their description, soo no reason to turn it off "just to be safe", and updating the sound drivers can possibly help for those crashes(through actually on my system they started after updating if I remember correctly lols;3).
I am update the sound driver and mount the iso in a dvd and the sync is now better but it still there so thks for the help

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