FFXII patch help.
Well, I need to nerf the str of my characters to make things more challenging, but I'm not too sure on how to change the value to the number I want, like instead of having 99 I'd like 40. This is the address that's posted on GameFaq.

Yeah, I kinda cheated with 2x exp patch and now Im lvl 72 fighting lvl 20s, not too fun Tongue And, is there away to apply the address to the other chars?

I myself was unable to find the address to str since well, I can't really change the value in-game since it's hard to lvl now..

Have MAX (99) Strength (Credit: CodeBreaker.com)                         207]


  CB2v4+ & GS2v4
  4054A118 00100071
  42C7FFFE 00000000

I tried importing a save file from GameFaq using Mymc, but hit a dead end when FFXII rejected the file saying Corrupted save file, it's not the download, I tried redownloading and even rdled all the other files but still no jackpot..

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