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FFXII: possible to double the framerate?
X = left/right
Y = up/down

Just be glad there isn't a Z axis too, seen that a few places, and let me tell you something, not all places use X, Y, and Z correctly

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That's just the problem. You can't differentiate between left/right and up/down if the only options are x/y.

How am I supposed to fix the inverted camera this way... The emulator needs an option to choose up, down, left and right separately. Is there by any chance a plugin for this? I am going to check.

Ah hang on. I've changed to the Lilypad option. Looks like this one does differentiate inverse x/y values.
it's possible it was supposed to be renamed, but never was, but my statement above is what you need to know. it IS in options
I already know that:

X = left/right
Y = up/down

The problem was that SSSPSX doesn't differentiate +- x/y values when assigning controller buttons. Luckily, I changed to the Lilypad plugin, and that does.
(06-22-2014, 12:25 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Easier, quicker, safer, and on top of it : legal
Warning removed

Not in the U.S its not... But since this site goes off of laws of the U.K...
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Ripping your own game isn't legal in the US? since when?

Jaydent, if you are using LillyPad as your pad plugin, all you need to do is when you are binding up on the analog stick, you pull it down, and vice versa.

If you look the analog has a positive and negative value attached to it, I THINK (and it's a random guess) that Y+ is down, and Y- is up. so reverse them and that should solve the issue (same with X)
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lillypad settings:

Z rotation+: Down
Z+: right
Y+: Down
X+: Right

(Z is the right stick)
Ah, i use Pokopom so it's just mapped 1 to 1 for a 360 controller (which my PS3 controller thinks it is haha)

Also slightly more on the original topic, True 50/60 FPS we will run into two issues:
1.) the EE of the PS2 (which PCSX2 emulates of course) is most likely not fast enough to run 50/60FPS all the time, resulting in visible slowdowns. Solution is to overclock the EE, but Devs say that if it's even possible, it'll be a pain in the rear and no-one wants to do it.
2.) sound (SPU) is tightly synced to the EE from what i gather, so if you could OC the EE instead of fixing the sound, it would actually speed it up more.

My only possible solution is to make an OC button that doubles the EE speed, and than make an option in SPU to half it's speed, that way hopefully everything for sound it fixed up, Though the more i think, the more i feel you'd have to decouple all the parts of a PS2 to do that, Which i feel that wouldn't actually work.

But i am by no means a programmer, So i'll let a dev be the final word on it. I know it's been kicked around a lot and gone no-where, could just be the lack of 60FPS patches though Tongue
For interest on making a true 50/60fps patch, I'd contact VIRGIN KLM, he/she may very well know how to point you in the right direction.

Also look in the widescreen thread, maybe even post, i've seen a few people make 50to60hz patches for Persona 3 and 4, could be the same can be done with FFXII
Intel Core i7-8700k @5ghz
G.Skill 16GB DDR4 @3600mhz
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
Windows 10 x64
I think the sound problem is the most problematic one, or? Also the KH-thread was suffering from that the last time I looked inside.
I would always prefer working sound over a bit nicer graphics. But some people are playing without sound.
The fix (by VIRGIN KLM) for kingdom hearts essentially just doubles the framerate, then tells the game to run at half speed. He/she also suggested modifying an audio setting to help with audio speed up, but said game music was still playing at twice the speed.

Thanks for the help with the camera control guys, but as I wrote earlier, I have already solved this problem.

I think I am getting used to the lower fps anyway. Played for a couple hours today and it isn't bothering me as much. Also why did they have to make Basch shave that manly beard/hair combo he had going at the start of the game...

As for whether or not ripping your game is legal... I am not sure if it's legal in Australia. I didn't think it was. It's not like anyone would care if you did it anyway. So long as you're not distributing copies around to people that don't have the game.

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