FFXII problem
hi. i've just lookin for answer for sthg like that.

I'm runnin pcsx2 on:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz
Ram: 4gb
Sys: windows7 x64
graphics: XFX geforce 9600GT

When I start the game [menus etc] it holds on about 130-150% [fps]. i don't quite know why after some time of play frames drops. Sometimes its just for a sec. and sometimes it holds for couple of time [and I 've noticed that when I change camera direction it has connection to fps, for example: speed runs @ 60-80 fps and in one moment it drops to 40 fps, but when i move camera above characters - speed increases].

I've played once and there was all ok. Speed was running @ 100-130% [drops where noticed to 98% minimum], and same day later when I started pcsx - speed was @ 100% and drops where even to70% - and I don't play it with other aplications enabled].

What's going on....sometimes gentle changes in processor or something gives a result, and sometimes not.

Heres my actual config for FFXII:

Graphics: Gdsx890 [MSVC 15.00, SSE2] 0.14
res: 1920x1080 60hz
renderer: directx10[hardware]
interlacing: none
aspect: 16x9
internal res: 1024x1024
NLOOP hack checked
Texture filter checked

Audio: SPU-X2
Interpolation: linear
Module: X-audio2
nothing checked

Processor: EErec - checked
VU0 checked
VU1 checked
MTGS checked
Frame limiting: limited: custom 80, skip frames when lower than 30, consecutives fps brfore skip 5, frames to skip 2

Speedhacks - only 1.5x checked.

Advanced: default;]

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This is exactly the same post you did before except for the "pcsx2 all bios" part.

You cannot expect further support here.

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