FFXII slowdown in menus on svn 5710
I used to play FFXII in svn 5414 with no issues other than the shadows issue during cutscenes (which remains unsolved as of writing this).

When I made the jump to 5418, I experienced stuttering during fmv playback, so I stuck with 5414 until now.

However, I decided to give the latest 5710 svn a try. Everything seems fine and dandy until I get to the menus. I experienced a bit of slowdown (mostly noticeable in the change of pace in the music) while navigating them, which didn't happen back in 5414, nothing gamebreaking, but I thought I'd come here and say.

I'm using the same configuration, resolution and values as with 5414, so I do know hardware power is not an issue. But if you must, I'm using a Core2quad extreme @ 2.6 Ghz per core, 4GB ram, and a GeForce GTX650 ti directCU II OC.

(Also, on an unrelated note, could someone tell me how to get rid of shadows? I heard that AMD card users are not seeing them at all. I'd rather not see them than see them all screwed up.)

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Nevermind, I made a mistake. I had a higher custom resolution set in the latest svn. When I changed it back to the one I used in the previous version I was playing in, everything was back to normal.

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