FFXII speed question
I've got an AMD 64 X2 5000+ at 2.61Ghz with 2 gigs of RAM and a Nvidia 9800 GTX+

I use GSdx 1.12 cause ZeroGS crashes

My average speed in FFXII is 70% as fast as it's supposed to run. I've played it in Playground 1.0.0395, pg-vtlb-609, and pcsx2 0.9.6...Playground 1.0.0395 seems to run the best.(I believe it's about 5-10 more fps)

No matter which cycle rate I choose in vtlb or the regular pcsx2, I still get the same FPS. I tried using AMD fusion(it supposedly shuts off every process but the game you are playing), and there is no difference. There is no difference no matter which resolution I run at.

Now, I noticed that when I take 2 characters out of my party I get nearly 20 more fps. That makes me think the CPU isn't the problem, but the 9800 is a good card right? To my understanding emulation takes more CPU than what you are emulating, but it shouldn't affect rendering.(or should it?)

Perhaps messing with my Nvidia settings would speed the game up?

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First of all a GeForce 9800 is a very good card for pcsx2, so you dont have to mess around with that for sure ;-)

PCSX2 uses the CPU most,rendering too, so if you want to get more fps ingame try to overclock your CPU.

Or just try the new PCSX2 0.9.6 and GSdx 1.14, on FFXII they work like a charm for me.
[Image: 26293342.gif]
Yep, I tried 0.9.6... Playground seems to work better for me. Maybe I could try the newer plugins from 9.6 on Playground.

I don't want to mess with overclocking, I had a monitoring program while I had it overclock 7% and the motherboard was getting heat warnings. My fan is only 3 pin so I can't control the fan speed. I don't want to get another fan cause I don't want to mess with the thermal paste again.(I got lucky with my fan cause it had paste preinstalled)
I figured a 9800 would be just fine. I was led to think the gfx was the problem cause anything that should speed up the CPU side of PCSX2 had no effect.

3x cycle rate ...
PCSX2 Wrote:"Big speed up!"

...was no different from normal cycle rate.
Get GSdx (latest version is 0.1.14) working. Your biggest problem is that you use the like 3 year old ZeroGS..
(03-03-2009, 10:09 PM)rama Wrote: Get GSdx (latest version is 0.1.14) working. Your biggest problem is that you use the like 3 year old ZeroGS..
Oh no, I'm using GSdx(0.1.12). I just said I tried with ZeroGS.

I just switched to 0.1.14 now. Oh well, it's good enough...I was just wondering if I could improve it.(or why I can't)
try the speedhacks like cycle x2 and x3
[Image: 26293342.gif]
(03-03-2009, 10:23 PM)xCrashdayx Wrote: try the speedhacks like cycle x2 and x3
I did...no effect whatsoever.

Infact PCSX2 0.9.6(with the same plugins) with x3 cycles runs slower than Playground 1.0.0395.(this version doesn't give the 1.5/2/3X cycle rate option)

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