FFXII with my old PC? What's the best I can do to play it well?
Hi guys,
I stopped using PSCX2 about a year ago after I finished FFX and I've forgotten things about emulation stuff already. So now I'd want to play FFXII and I want to know how can I emulate it at at least a decent speed, for I know a perfect 60 fps speed is unattainable with my PC. It's also okay for me if the graphics won't be that good, speed is what I'm aiming for. I used Gsdx (w/FFX) but I heard some people use ZeroGs and they got better speed. I'm not familiar with the new configuration anymore. At first I doubt it would work but I saw some posts and Youtube videos playing with it at 45-55 fps average and they got, if not similar specs, much weaker. So please help me about speeding it faster.

Here are my specs:
OS:Windows 7 32-bit
CPU:Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2.50GHz (2CPUs) ~2.5GHz
GPU:NVIDIA Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i

Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance!

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Couple of suggestions for you:

1. Download latest PCSX2 SVN and enable speed hacks

2. Tick "Native" in GSdx

3. Play around with 8-bit textures option and see which option gave you more speed, also in GSdx

4. Change EE/IOP and VU Clamp modes to "None"
ok thanks for ur suggestions. can u also give me what pcsx2 svn should I be using and what plugins should work well. what's with the zerogs plugin? and i'll be using an ISO for this game. if you dont mind can u give a screenshot or at least a setting for the config. still waiting for more suggestions. thanks!!!
Just download the latest available...

Seeing your specs:


Using ISO? I suggest you use the built in instead plugin based reader...

ZeroGS? The developer already discontinued support for this plugin, so GSdx is your best bet, and it was actively improved too...
Okay, thanks again! Is the latest the 0.9.8? And what do u mean by the built in plugin reader? Thanks and if I'll ask u, do u think it will really work with my PC?
0.9.8 is the latest official build, while SVN versions are builds that constantly updated every time the coders commits something...

About plugin reader (whatever), sorry to cause misunderstanding, I'm embarrassed with my vocabulary... Blush

In PCSX2, you got two way to load an ISO:

1. By using built-in ISO loader, found under CDVD -> Iso Selector

2. By using plugin

Your system should have no problem running PCSX2, except you might want to install a discrete GPU, or maybe buy a CPU with higher frequency since 2.5 GHz is still considered mediocre...

And if you're into OC'ing, I recommend you to do so...
So the SVN builds are better, no idea about svm
so I gotta read how it works.

You mean using an ISO, I gotta choose option 1, right?

I'm not familiar about overclocking yet. I dont think I can do it.

the latest svn is the Revision 5341 by sudonim1, so thats it, is it recommended to change svns once a newer one comes out?
(07-20-2012, 04:33 PM)xXapparatusXx Wrote: the latest svn is the Revision 5341 by sudonim1, so thats it, is it recommended to change svns once a newer one comes out?

It's up to you...
I update my SVN every several weeks personally just so I can try some of the new features/bug fixes. Your pc should be able to handle this game just fine as I cna play with my weaker intel pentium dualcore e2180 @2ghz. But that intergrated graphics chip probably wont cut it so you may need to slide in a cheap GPU.

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