FFXIII slows to a crawl after a while
So I've spent the better part of the evening trying to get PCSX2 working on my laptop so I can play FFXII on the go as well as on my desktop.

It's an i7 Q720 1.60GHx, 6GB RAM, Radeon HD 5730

So after playing with settings, I got it working great. Smooth, fast, wonderful. Even with a lot of monsters on the screen, it's working great.

However, after playing for like 15 minutes or so, it gets so slow and choppy (even in a small area with no monsters or NPCs on screen) that it's unplayable. I think something might be wrong with PCSX2 itself, because when I try to close it, it freezes up and I have to kill it in task manager.

Anyone ever experience this? Any ideas what the cause might be? I don't think it has anything to do with resources or settings.

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Run RealTemp or something like it and monitor your CPU temps while playing. It's likely you are overheating your CPU.
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Wow, that's a very real possibility. Good thinking, thanks.

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