FFXii Sound Problem
ok everyone, i have a problem. there is no sound in ffxii when i use spu2null 8.0 or zerospu2 playground 0.4.6 i donno why but it does not gimme any sound. I also have the peops spu2 sdl 1.9.0 sound plugin which does work. the only problem is the screen flickers every 3 seconds. it is really annyoing. the game works fine, but this is a problem. anyone kno any sound plugins other than these 3? or had issues or on any idea how to fix this problem of flickering screens?

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about sound : SPu2-x may be the best sound plugin.
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lol i have a mac. and i solvd my problem once again. i installed hte 0.9.6 version beta and the mute was selected on the zero spu. but the problem i have is now is that ffxii contorller doenst work. im using keyboard controls so i donnno wtf is goin on. i cant move. help?
FFXII uses the analog sticks, so it's a little funky with a keyboard. Make sure to set the LX and RX and set the analog sticks up. It took some tinkering to get it to work for me, but just keep messing with it and you should get it.
im not sure on what to set the LX RX and the analog sticks on. Can you tell me some input that works. Ive put left for LX and right for RX and up for analog and it still dont move. help?
I've changed mine around since so I can't give you the settings, but I got it to work putting LX and RX as just some random key. Then set the right analog stick as the arrow keys and the left analog stick as WASD. It took a few tries to find something that responded but I just kept messing with it.
i have tried putting I J L K on the left analog stick as Left Right Up Down, on the right analog stick i put the arrow keys. The LX is comma and RX is period, LY and RY are nothing. This doesnt work still. Do I have to change the Arrow Keys as well on the pad above? Cuz that is set to the arrow keys L R UP DOWN. and what do I put in the "Analog" part thats right in the middle of the config screen?

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