FIFA 2005 Glitchy T-shirts
Hey guys,

Recently I started playing FIFA 2005 on the PCSX2 emulator. But every time I play a game the players have flickering t-shirts.
I tried switching to Direct11 Hard/Software and the OpenGL combination. No luck so far.
If anyone has a suggestion for the most succesful settings for this game I'd be glad to know.

Thanks in advance. 


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Turn on the mipmapping in the settings (or press the Ins button).
It's on Automatic as of now, would you recommend Basic (Fast) or Full (Slow)?
The one that is working with the best performance. Probably basic is enough.
No luck so far, although I have the feeling it flickers less now. Here's a photo.
In order to help you further with your problem, please make sure the following are all provided.
  • Your hardware specs - CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, Operating System.
  • The version of PCSX2 you are using.
  • Any non default settings you are using, such as speed hacks or presets.
  • Your GSdx graphics settings (a picture of the settings dialog is preferred)
  • What games you are trying to play and if you are playing them from ISO or DVD.

Thank You.
Hey CK1,

- Hardware specs: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, Intel i7 4770K, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 64-bit.
- PCSX2 version: 1.6.0.
- I'm not using any speedhacks as of now.
- Graphics settings:
- FIFA 2005, ISO.

Hope this is enough information. Thank you.

I don't know why, but after setting the mipmapping to Off the shirts do not flicker anymore. I am using the PCSX2 1.7.0 r1768 with OGL renderer (D3D11 does not output any image at all).
Where can I get the particular 1.7.0 version then with OGL renderer? Maybe you can printscreen your video settings (completely) so I can test the settings as well.
Okay, turned mipmapping off. The shirts flicker way less, but still do. The shirts are still pixelated somehow.
And their skins are pixelated in black.

New settings:

EDIT: I tried the newer Beta versions, but same issue. Setting the mipmapping off helps indeed, but its not fully gone.

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