Poll: Will a nVidIa GeForce 9800 rUn Final Fantasy X ?
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FINAL FANTASY X will a GeForce 9800 run it?
I want to know will a nViDia GeFoRce 9800 Will it run FFX

both in game / in game cut seans / GCI cut seans


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Very good actually,i think you could run the game at full speed
just make sure you have the FFX Videos Fix
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
an 8400 will run FFX, a 7100 LE? will run FFX, I don't think anything won't run FFX lol

oh and my 8600 GT soars in FFX
The question is, will the processor be able to pull full speed on the game? Tongue The 9800 will handle even very high resolutions on FFX at full speed, if your processor can handle the rest
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any dual core can for sure. no idea what the min is yet though lol
I think a 9800 is overkill. +50% EXP for you. Like Bositman says, the GPU only handles what you see on the screen. The processor handles everything else so make sure it's good.
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I ran FFX at full speed on my old 2.4Ghz dual core AMD Athlon. Only the Shiva summoning killed it a bit.
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I have a 9800gt in my PC and it runs FFX at up to x6 resolution (it is SO slow durring summons so i'd go no higher then x4)
Intel Core i7-8700k @5ghz
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