[FIXED]No sound in SPU2-X from 2575 rev.
While trying to run the emu on all in defaults with no speed hacks it gave me missing runtimes in SPU2-X XA Audio (recommended). Any info? However Direct sound is OK.

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Well that's why you have different choices for output module, if there was one that worked perfectly all the time you wouldn't really need other options Tongue

If anything try updating your DirectX, but you didn't really say what runtimes was it complaining about.
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My DX is updatet to the latest... August 2009 I think... Sorry forgot to shot the screen. Will report asap with shot if somebody does not do it before me.
The newest DX is February 2010 and you need it to use XA Audio(DirectSound work with the older DX)
Always update directX whenever you encounter a problem,
even if you think you have the newest one.
Just released DX feb 2010. Sorry it was my error. I am marking that as fixed thread! I updated and it`s back to normal.

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