FMV stutter.
Is there any settings i could use to remove FMV stutter? i mean. currently using Hardware mode for games to scale it up and the only thing i could for the stutters is to either change it to software mode or closing and resuming the windows (albeit with chances of CTDs) Thanks!

GIF is attached to show what i meant.
sorry for the low quality though. too big. Biggrin

and oh! currently using the Latest SVN builds



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What games are you trying to play exactly?
Try changing the interlaceing settings in Gsdx a bit and see if it helps. If you are using speedhacks (EE/VU slider) try turning them off as they can also cause flickering FMV sometimes.
Are you playing from an ISO or directly from he disc?
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If videos flicker like that, just press F9 and it will be fine.

There is also a gamefix in the Emulator Settings->Game Fixes called "Switch GSDX to Software Mode during FMV's" to automatically do this then switch back to Hardware Mode again once the FMV has ended.
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