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[FORUM]Turn off the snowflakes
Quote:You can also use AddBlock Plus to block this link(in that way you can use the features that requires JavaScript without loading the snow)

That should be added to the first post, i was another firefox user being forced into ctrl-alt-deleting the snow was almost hanging my computer.

works fine now though Laugh

p.s. crazy we can all run pcsx 2 and are having issues with a simple java script.

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you know what is even stranger,that the snow is supposed to follow your mouse,and in my case the snow goes for the exactly opposite direction XD
It's different effect sometimes, at some point I had half of it following the mouse and the other half against... could have been a bug tho Tongue2
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Oh. I thought the forum had dandruff, silly me.
maybe those kind of bugs are the ones causing problems for some users.
works for me just fine..
thought there's something wrong..
but yeah..silly me
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got the half following mouse and half against behavior again, guess it's just pretty rare :p
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
@ Shadow Lady

Yeah strange,but i find this snowflakes really nice ^^
The snow's behavior changes as I reload the page.
Sometimes they follow the mouse, sometimes against it.
CPU load doesn't seem to be too bad, even on Firefox.
No more than 1% at normal window size and 5~16% when maximized (2048x1152).
No crashes as of yet.
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