Hey, I was wondering if there was anyway to up the FPS on the emulator, or if it's just my hardware and it's too old.

Which really shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, I was playing Dragon Quest VIII, and as soon as the mouse guy ran over to Trode, my fps dropped from 55 FPS to 12-13 FPS, and continued like that through out the game.

Not only that, it seemed the main character was moving slower then normal, even for low framerate.

I have a concern that it's me doing something wrong :L

Any help on this, or redirecting me to somewhere that will help, would be greatly appreciated :3

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You're going have to give your computer system information like the operating system, processor, graphics card, etc. so this problem can be helped easier. But try checking the "native" button in the GSDX settings. It will speed up the game but will lower the graphic quality.

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