Hi guys!
i'm tryin' to play KH on my pc using pcsx2...it works good...but sometimes FPS get crazy...i play most of the time with a 50% of speed (20-25 FPS) and sometimes it reach 120%...i wanted to know if there's a way to lock the FPS (i'd want to keep them between 45 and 55)...and if this isn't possible...if someone can tell me how to put the configurations to optimize game playing i'd be thankful

(sorry for my english...it's not my native languageBlush )

thank in advance^^

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Cpu tab -> Limit
maybe i didn't explained well the problem...most of the game works with a low FPS level (20-25) i wanted to know if there's a way to grow up them and keep them between two value which let me play the game at full speed...not if there's a way to limit the game speed...
i see from a topic that a guy play KH1 with 50 FPS costant...
my pc is a quad core 2.44 ghz, 2GB DDR, nVidia GForce 6600+ (i think it's better than a ps2)...i don't understand why the game can't go full speed...

ps: another answer...how can i put the emulation in fullscreen? if i change the grafic configuration the game doesn't start...
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found the way...can be closed...
thanks anyway^^
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Well, elaborate on the way you found Smile
FPS Limiter Easy Guide.

You have to Change FPS Limit to 45 or 55 etc what you want.


[Image: fpasfasf.png]

Note: Dont laugh on this Low-end PC my PC is Too fast i have too Computers i use this one Only for Internet the My 2nd PC C2D E8400 has some problem Disconnects after 5 Minutes automatic.
offtopic @_*KH*_: great image and all Laugh but it doesn't correspond to the sizing limits Closedeyes
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